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Interphase eNodeB Development System

Turnkey High Performance for eNodeB Application Development

Application-Ready Wireless Base Station

The Interphase eNodeB Development System speeds equipment manufacturer LTE eNodeB development time with its COTS-based, pre-integrated LTE base station and EPC simulator. This development system significantly reduces development efforts and timeline and can be used for lab trials while the final hardware and software customization is completed.

This compact Development System features:

  • the iSPAN® 36701 Wireless eNodeB Base Station AdvancedMC™ (AMC) for highly integrated baseband processing
  • the iSPAN 36MC1 GE RJ45 OCTEON® Packet Processor AMC for additional application processing and EPC simulation
  • a small footprint MicroTCA® chassis
  • pre-integrated eNodeB software layers 1-3 sample eNodeB stack manager, RRM & data applications
  • sample LTE core network emulator (CNE) applications for MME, SGW & PGW

  • Configurations:
    • LTED1-000/PRB2: iSPAN 36701, iSPAN 36MC1, uTCA chassis, LTE eNodeB protocol software & test application, and EPC core network emulator sample software for demo/test use. SFP and cables not included.


  • Picocells
  • Microcells
  • Enterprise Femtocells
  • Macrocells

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