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iWARE Software Development Suite for Signaling

Market leading software development environment for seamless integration of communication controllers

Even in today's world of advanced technologies, hardware and software integration brings its fair share of hurdles to even the most experienced engineers. In an effort to provide the least amount of complexity and effort on the part of the systems integrator, Interphase has designed a suite of robust integration tools to help shorten the learning curve and design cycle for integration projects based on the Interphase communications controllers.

Because integrators and equipment providers have diverse development environments, the iWARE Software Development Suite (SDS) provides multiple types of development tools, each tailored to the needs of different integration types and particular to each controller card.

The iWARE SDS includes a set of Interphase-developed firmware protocol stacks accessible via APIs provided by Interphase, base drivers for the selected operating system, configuration and diagnostic utilities, and sample programs. By supplying embedded protocol support for multiple protocols, iWARE SDS reduces software development time and facilitates faster time to market.

Protocol stacks may include (varies per specific controller card):
  • SS7 (MTP1 & MTP2) LSL/HSL
  • SAAL/GR-2878
  • ATM (incl. IMA)
  • Frame Relay
  • HDLC & Media Interface
  • I-TDM

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