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iSPAN® 5639 PCI Express T1/E1/J1 Communications Controller

Quad/Octal Port Connectivity for Signaling and Media Applications

  • Freescale™ MPC8560 (PowerQUICC III™) on-board processor @ 833 MHz
  • Narrowband SS7 to Broadband SS7 inter-working
  • Pre-integrated protocol stacks available using Interphase lower layers and various 3rd party upper layer stacks
  • Four or eight individually software selectable T1/E1/J1 interface
  • Front Panel Gigabit Ethernet port for management and data traffic
  • High bandwidth PCI-Express host connectivity
  • Support for termination of up to 256 media streams for processing on the host or transport using I-TDM on the front panel Ethernet port

Designed for Signaling and Media Applications
The iSPAN 5639 PCI (PCIe) Express T1/E1/J1 communications controller from Interphase delivers a comprehensive high capacity connectivity solution for use with PCIe enabled rack-mount server solutions to deliver a wide range of Voice Over IP, Wireless and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) infrastructure application elements.

High Performance and Capacity
With up to 8 T1/E1/J1 interfaces the iSPAN 5639 provides a high capacity solution for signaling and media applications and enables optimization of slot usage within the server. With a high performance PCIe interface to the host the iSPAN 5639 enables rapid exchange of payload information and is hence ideal for media server applications 

Powerful Solution Architecture
The iSPAN 5639 incorporates the Freescale PowerQUICC III communications controller to deliver high performance and high capacity processing of signaling traffic.  With the addition of an optional FPGA with support for TDM switching and I-TDM protocol conversion the 5639 can be used for full capacity media termination and media switching applications.


  • Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN)
  • Serving GPRS Support Nodes (SGSN)
  • Application Servers
  • Media Gateways/Media Servers Signaling Gateways
  • Softswitches
  • Short Message Switching Centres (SMSC)

Product Documents

5639 Data Sheet
Request User Guide


  • Processor: MPC8560-PQIII 850MHz
  • RAM Memory: 128 MB DDR SDRAM on SODIMM
  • ROM Memory: 16 MB NOR Flash, 128MB NAND Flash
  • Form Factor: Standard Height Half Length
  • Length: 166.1 mm (6.5 in)
  • Width: 93.72 mm (3.7 in)
  • Power Dissipation: 14W maximum
  • Temperature: 0 to 55 %C (32 to 131 %F)
  • Storage Range: —40 to 80 % C (—40 to 176 % F)
  • Relative Humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
  • Altitude: 0 to 15,000 ft