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iSPAN 36701 4G Wireless Base Station AdvancedMC™ (AMC)

Application-ready eNodeB Base Station Module

The iSPAN 36701 4G Wireless Base Station AdvancedMC™ (AMC) is an application-ready, compact, customizable base station module. It includes the base station control, baseband PHY, radio interface, pre-integrated fully compliant LTE (PHY/L2/L3) protocol layers, and API, making it ready to integrated with a radio and applications software for quick time-to-market eNodeB microcell, picocell, or enterprise femtocell base stations.

  • IEEE 1588 v2 / Synchronous Ethernet
  • Integrated L2 and L1 on a single SoC provides lowest possible latency
  • Multiple PLL options provide for numerous frequency options and jitter cleaning
  • Rich Ecosystem of software tools and applications available through Interphase partners
  • Scalable solutions by integrating multiple 36701s and adding external processing capacity such as the Interphase 36CA / 36MC2

High Performance Platform - Multicore Processor and DSP
The iSPAN 36701 utilizes the Mindspeed Transcede™ 4000/4020 System on a Chip (SoC) with integrated support for the Radio Interface, DSPs for Baseband PHY processing and ARM A9 cores for L2 / L3 Protocol Processing as well as eNodeB application software aligned with the latest 3GPP requirements:
  • Supports the complete LTE or WiMax Layers 1 and 2 processing needs for 3 10MHz sectors 2x2 in one device (T4000) or 3 20 MHz sectors with 2x2 Tx/Rx in one device (T4020)
  • Backhaul and air interface security: support for AES, 3DES, HMAC, SNOW-3G, Kasumi
  • High data throughput of FEC (greater than 400 Mbps)
  • Large L1 DSP memory minimizes off-chip memory access
  • Flexible Mindspeed Application Processor (MAP) supporting PAPR, G-RAKE and FFT algorithms
  • Higher level precision on FFT (16,24)
  • Lower power than competing solutions
  • Optimized for picocell applications

Accelerated Development / Lower cost of ownership
  • PHY, L1/L2 Software and Hardware Reference Designs => “fast-start” development Common Platform for complete portfolio => Develop Pico to Multi sector Micro cell solutions which can be reutilized in Macro cells as well.
  • A mix of programmable DSP and H/W acceleration allows for DSP headroom for addition customer feature development

Road to 4G
The iSPAN 36701 is designed as an entry point for the development of next generation wireless microcell, picocell, and enterprise femtocell base stations. Interphase can adapt or extend this solution to meet your needs in AMC or in any other form factor required.


  • 4G LTE eNodeB
  • WiMAX Base Station
  • Picocell
  • Microcell
  • Enterprise Femtocell

Product Documents

36701 Data Sheet
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  • Processor: Mindspeed Transcede 4020 SoC
    • 6 ARM Cortex A9 (RISC) Processor Cores @ 750 MHz (9000 DMIPS)
    • Option to use T4000 @ 600 MHz
    • 10 CEVA DSP Cores (24 GMAC/s)
    • FEC Processor
    • 10 Application Processors for FFT (6000 MIPS / 24 GMAC/s)
    • 2 Security Coprocessors
  • Front Panel:
    • 1 or 2 SFP receptacles for CPRI 4.1
    • SMB micro-coaxial for GPS antenna/1PPS I/O signal input/output
    • 1 or 2 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports
  • AMC Interfaces:
    • Gigabit Ethernet: AMC.2 Type E2, ports 0,1 GE (shared with the front panel RJ45s)
    • PCI Express: AMC.1 Type 4 PCIe on ports 4-7
    • Serial Rapid IO: AMC.4 Type 4 sRIO on ports 4-7
  • Power Consumption: 26W Typical / 36W Max
  • Optional :
    • GPS Receiver onboard
    • Precision clock sourcing onboard