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Interphase has deep experience in quickly developing and delivering carrier-class equipment for 3G and 4G (WiMax and LTE) radio access, backhaul, and core networking solutions.

The huge increase in demand for broadband data access everywhere puts the responsibility on service providers to meet that bandwidth demand. Custom engineering design and manufacturing services from Interphase can help service providers meet demand while providing solutions to spec.

For equipment providers, the Interphase team has the skill set and capacity to deliver custom professional services that will enable equipment providers focus on their strengths and application development, to get new value-add 3G and 4G equipment to market more quickly.

Interphase has specific 3G/4G/LTE wireless experience in:

  • Integrated hardware and software addressing LTE Layers 1-3
  • Integrated management tools
  • Application interfaces (APIs)
  • Common hardware solutions for LTE and WiMAX
  • Multiple clocking options including GPS, Synchronous Ethernet, IEEE 1588
  • Interoperability with a number of EPC providers
  • Support for current and emerging standards

The Interphase team has previously architected fully-compliant software and APIs that allowed equipment providers' wireless applications to function independent of the underlying specific hardware configurations and capacities, so the application software could be used to enable products across a range of cell markets: macrocell, microcell, picocell, and enterprise femtocell. Interphase brings extensive wireless design and manufacturing experience to every project, enabling custom base stations to take form in supported implementation architectures such as:

  • Integrated RF & baseband on a single custom module
  • Embedded baseband modules in base station appliances
  • Integrated into remote radio head
  • Standard form factors such as AMC, PCIe, etc.
  • Compact, scalable MicroTCA base stations
  • Unique configurations to customer specifications


Packet Processing Solutions for Wireless Applications

In some solutions, additional packet processing power will be required to augment the base station performance or to support EPC functions. Interphase offers a portfolio of packet processor modules.



Interworking Gateway Solutions for Wireless Applications

Interphase also offers a number of products that can be used to build interworking gateways to bridge between 4G and legacy mobile networks:


Learn About LTE


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